Success Stories
Meet Liana Campbell

Liana Campbell is a proud Indigenous Wiradjuri student currently in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Criminology, majoring in Psychology at the University of Newcastle, Callaghan Campus.

Receiving the Calleo Indigenous Scholarship makes a huge difference for Liana and removes a lot of obstacles that have stood in the way of her studies since moving to study in Newcastle.

Liana wrote: “I am beyond grateful to be a recipient to this scholarship. This offer will help me immensely both financially and mentally. It is well known that being a university student is tough in both those regards, however these scholarships, big or small, provide great amounts of relief and assistance in getting through our degrees.

The Calleo Indigenous Scholarship will assist in my studies as I will be less stressed on saving money for necessities like rent, groceries, and textbooks for next year, and I will have more time being put towards my studies rather than my job to earn money for those things. Also, when it comes time for my placement in second semester of 2023, I will not have to worry about going without paid work for the duration of placement as I will have that scholarship money to compensate for that, which is a highly stressful situation going through weeks of placement without any income coming in.

As well as financial support, this scholarship will also improve my mental wellbeing and the quality of my studies because I will spend less time worrying about financial matters which in turn would otherwise take away time from my university work.

It is hard to put into words the impact that scholarships have, it isn’t just about being offered a sum of money, for me it is also about being recognised for my achievements thus far and being acknowledged of my potentiality.

Lastly, this scholarship has made me even more motivated and eager to continue my studies past my honours year. Again, thank you for this meaningful scholarship offer – your work and support are much appreciated.”