Success Stories
Meet Kyla West

Kyla is a proud Worimi woman who was honoured to be one of the inaugural recipients of the Calleo Indigenous Bursary as part of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund. As a 19-years old, she attends the University of Newcastle, with the aim of gaining a Bachelor of Criminology and a Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies.

After completing this double degree, she hopes to gain a Bachelor of Policing and eventually become a Detective in the NSW Police Force. The start of this journey would not have been possible without the support of the Calleo Indigenous Bursary. This assistance has also enabled her to enhance her emotional and social wellbeing, and therefore improve her overall health. This funding enabled her to purchase textbooks for her eight classes in 2021, and to afford car registration, insurance and parking fees to enable her to travel to university.

The Calleo Indigenous Bursary well and truly exceeded her expectations and most certainly enhanced her education while simultaneously allowing the development of future career opportunities. She is most grateful, and feel privileged, for the continuing support from Calleo Indigenous and the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund.

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