Success Stories
Meet Aphra O’Brien-Slade

Aphra is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Newcastle after completing the Yapug program. Yapug is a pathway program designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people gain skills for entry into undergraduate degrees at the University of Newcastle. Through her efforts and hard work during the program, Aphra received the Yapug Award for highest academic achievement in Yapug.

As a recipient of the Calleo Indigenous Scholarship, Aphra is so grateful for the impact this scholarship will make in her life.

“A scholarship will benefit me in numerous ways, not only financially, but also by boosting my confidence as I pursue my degree. My degree requires a significant amount of resources that I am unable to afford, which is why a scholarship will help me improve my study skills and enable me to complete my degree to the best of my ability.

I’ll have access to resources such as Osmosis, which provides useful video resources to assist me in comprehending various topics, which typically require a visual approach. It will relieve some of the stress associated with work and allow me to devote more time to my studies. I’ll be able to study from home with adequate resources and help reduce physical and mental exhaustion. It will benefit my physical and mental health because I will be able to concentrate entirely on my studies without the added stress of a finance, long hours of work, a lack of resources, and not being able to reach my full potential.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to study at Newcastle University, and a scholarship will enable me to thrive for success. I am an extremely dedicated student who enjoys both studying and being a part of this university. A scholarship will benefit me in numerous ways, including education, motivation, learning, physical and mental health, financial aid, and the ability to reduce work shifts to devote more time to study.”